Range of precast

Precast concreteAll manufactured precast reinforced elements meet statutory regulations ČSN EN and come under the strict control measurements, according to relevant regulations. We use advanced production technology and quality feedstock.


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Range of precast concrete


  • hall and frame structure columns, continuous or split
  • the greatest height of about 30m
  • with or without brackets
  • consoles to 3 sides routinely
  • the machine-smoothed surface


  • possible even prestressed
  • girders and beams of different sections různých průřezů:
    • rectangle
    • "L" cross section
    • "T" cross section
    • inverted "T" cross section
    • "I" cross section


  • prestressed - straight head or saddle with a fixed slope 3%, both of "T" shape, max. length 27 m
  • prestressing - straight head or saddle pitched with a slope up to 5%, the section "I", span from 20 m to 39 m


  • non –prestressed and prestressed
  • gauge "T", rectangle or trapezoid
  • span up to 15m

Surface elements

  • production at folding tables (2 pcs) size of 4.5 x 4.5 x 13 m and 12.5 m
  • possibility of manufacturing of stair walls, walls of elevator shafts, fire walls, landing, plates, ...
  • casing production – full facade panels or insulated sandwich facade panels, machine glazed, with textured or coloured surface
  • Manufacturing of foundation beams – basic full footings or insulated sandwich, machine glazed


  • Bracing, perimeter beams, etc.
  • Production of armed baskets with possible supply of loose cut and bending reinforcement, without saving
  • Production of locksmith accessories andfittings in black or galvanized design
  • For prestressed variants we use a rope Ø 12.5 mm